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  • Clumber Spaniels Lying Luggage Tag
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Clumber Spaniel

While a hunter at heart, the Clumber Spaniel is considered to be one of the most easygoing of sporting breeds. It is a quiet and gentle dog that gets along well with children and other pets, and it tends to be devoted to one person. This dog is very affectionate and playful, but it can have a tendency to be stubborn. It is usually reserved with strangers and not particularly outgoing with people that are not family members. Training is usually quite easy, as this breed has a good memory and a desire to please its owner. Gentle training is recommended, as the Clumber does not respond well to sharp discipline. Overall, this breed is very well behaved. As an adult, it is not terribly active. It does enjoy chewing and fetching, so be sure to provide these types of outlets.