About Us

Welcome to FurryPartners!

My name is Duke, and this is my son Ranger. Together with my business partner, Dakota, and a few of our other family members and friends, we put together this online Furry Partners - Pet Lifestyle store.

Humans can never get it right! Oh, they try hard and they love us, but we wanted to make sure our fellow furry friends have the right things to celebrate their loyal, loving relationships with their beloved human partners in life. So, we decided to put together an online shopping experience that is easy to use and has products that express our furry friend's special relationships with their human partners. We also provide products that promote an ongoing healthy life for our furry friends so that they can not only keep up with their humans, but also out compete them when participating in fun activities. We live for fun, as well as eating, sleeping, playing, snuggling, getting into trouble, and doing our business regularly! So, we have to make sure our humans get with the program and adjust to our lifestyle! We selected our products to help them think like we do!

On behalf of all our employees at FurryPartners, we wish you a loving and active relationship with your humans and a delightful shopping experience.

Licks, Smacks and Nudges,

Duke and Dakota


Co-Owner and Co-Founder
Swedish Warm Blood/Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred. I am a rescue and my Mom loves me very much!

Dakota's Personal Secretary                     Tennessee Walker/Spotted Saddle/Racking Horse. July of 2006 I was introduced to a whole new world of fun & games with my new human partner and I'm lovin' life!

Product Tester              Yellow Lab Mix I am a rescue - My new Mom could not resist my beautiful brown eyes looking up at her from the corner of my cage with a tennis ball in my mouth

Office Manager
I am a
Dachshund rescue - My Mommy scooped me out of the path of a big truck - I love my home & take my job very seriously.

Hard at work processing orders and adding new products.

Social & Activity Director & Parade Costume Designer
Quarter horse. I am also a rescue and living the good life at our Bed & Breakfast Inn

Sparky aka "Sparky to The Rescue" 4 week old Jack Russell Terrier.
Director of HR/Wellness Compliance Office
Furry Partners believes in employees as strategic resources and in setting high standards at a young age so we are sending Sparky to school so he can make a smooth transition into his new role.

I am now 4 years old and ready to assume my responsibilities to make sure that all our employees are healthy, happy, and productive and that their individual jobs contribute to their personal goals of maintaining a happy life with their human partners.

Chante                   Vendor Manager
I am also a 4 year Jack Russell Terrier and Sparky's brother. I enjoy screening vendors, testing their products and staying in their face. My motto, "Manage your vendors; don't let your vendors manage you"... besides it's fun!!

Cody                        Sales and Marketing
I'm a 3 year old dachshund and a rescue. I am very good at reasoning with others in order to take a position.

Just look into my big eyes. Please order lots of stuff or I will sit on my fellow co-workers and then no one will get anything done as I can stretch out really good.


Logistic Expert Process Control and Security
I am a 6 year old beagle and basset hound rescue. I utilize my specialized training to check things out over and over, and over again to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. In my spare time, I help Sara, our office manager, with inventory control.

Head of Security
I am the newest employee of Furry Partners. I am a 135 lb German Shepherd. I believe I do a very good job at guarding and monitoring the property and protecting our employees.

Barn Manager in charge of Mouse Patrol
I am a yellow Tabby and as you can see, I take my job very seriously.

Serenity Shazal aka Z Baby
Horse Product Treat Tester
To ensure Furrypartners maintains a high standard of quality and safety, all horse treat products are eatin...I mean tested by me.

We all work very hard at our jobs... but we also know how to play and relax

In one of my many parade costumes, this is me as an Easter bunny. Bet you really thought I was a bunny!

Time out from work for some play time. My favorite activity: anything to do with balls!

Relaxing by the TV and watching the AKC dog show. In my opinion, that Shih Tzu's walk was too stiff.

Camping is so much fun! Just one of our monthly company retreats. After a morning of chasing little critters, it's time for our afternoon nap.

During a company camping retreat, I let my doggie employees do their own thing while I enjoy exploring the new trails with my mom.

Brother's Sparky and Chante are getting ready for the July 4th pool party.

Just a few of the employees enjoying the July 4th pool party. Who's going in first?

Who's going in first? You go! No, you go!

Relaxing after my swim. Life is so good!

Continuing the fun at our July 4th pool party!

In Loving Memory of Employees and Friends that have gone over to the Rainbow Bridge

Co-Founder of Furry Partners along with Dakota, Duke was born on 12-23-1991 and departed to the Rainbow Bridge on 12-13-2008.

Son of Duke was born on 6-5-1997 and departed to the Rainbow Bridge on 4-7-2012.

Golden Retriever - Duke's Mommy & Ranger's Grandma. Born on 1-1-1988 and departed to the Rainbow Bridge on 4-10-1999

Budweiser (Bud)
Former model and product tester of our doggie doors. He was born 6-1-2001 and departed to the Rainbow Bridge 6-13-2013.

Bucky the Beagle
Life is a party. Stay loyal. Don't sweat it, you still have me! I love my Dad. Departed to the Rainbow Bridge on 9-21-2003