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  • Maltese Rustic Outdoor Welcome Sign
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  • Maltese Ceramic 15oz Mug
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This sweet little breed makes a perfect lap dog. It is gentle, trusting, and well mannered; yet has a lively side that is often surprising due to its innocent-looking appearance. It is playful and bold, often taking on larger dogs. It can be wary of strangers, barking at strange noises. Some tend to bark excessively and, if pampered too much, may become jealous of visitors. The Maltese does not tolerate children and other pets because of its dislike of rough play. It is an intelligent breed, but is difficult to housebreak. The breed can be trained to perform tricks, but only if it feels that it is being properly rewarded. This feisty dog loves going outside, but be warned that it is an avid puddle jumper, requiring many baths.