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Gentle, quiet, and affectionate, the greyhound makes a wonderful pet. Despite its reputation for speed, this breed in not considered to be a “high-energy” dog. In fact, when indoors, it will often curl up and take a nap. The greyhound is good with children but rough-housing with the dog should be discouraged. This dog is often compatible with other family pets, including cats, except for those few with an unusually high prey instinct. A retired racer adopted as a pet is often a welcome addition to the family. If raised from puppy-hood, the greyhound should be socialized from an early age to avoid timidity. This breed is loyal, friendly, and sensitive. Overbearing training techniques are discouraged. The greyhound is not prone to excessive barking and is generally easy to housebreak. This breed is even-tempered and graceful – a loyal dog that makes an excellent companion.