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With tireless enthusiasm, the Dalmatian makes a wonderful companion for most active families. It is usually good with other pets, particularly horses, although it may become aggressive toward strange dogs. It is usually better for a family with older children, as it may be to energetic for little ones. The Dalmatian is sometimes known for its stubborn streak, and it can be reserved towards strangers. This breed needs to have something to do, and it does not enjoy just laying around all day. It needs human companionship in order to be well adjusted, as it is a sensitive and loyal dog. Training and socialization at an early age is important to prevent timidity. Firm, consistent training is suggested; this breed has a good memory, and it will remember bad treatment for many years. The Dalmatian can be a good watch dog, but it can become aggressive if not raised properly. Deafness affects 10 – 12% of Dalmatian puppies, which creates training challenges and possible behavioral problems. They are more difficult to raise, and they have a tendency to be aggressive out of fear. A deaf Dalmatian is not suggested for families with children.