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Airedale Terrier

Underneath a tough exterior, the Airedale Terrier has a sweet but dignified nature. It is loyal and protective toward its family, reserved wtih other people and dogs. Early socialization and training are essential to manage the dominant terrier temperament in a 60-pound body, so it is important to look for an Airedale breeder who not only performs the appropriate health screening, but also chooses breeding dogs for manageable temperament and begins the pups’ socialization process from the day they are whelped. The Airedale is adventurous, bold, and playful and among the most versatile of terriers; it is a lively yet protective companion. The Airedale terrier is intelligent, but often obstinate and headstrong. Some Airedales can be domineering, but most (with proper training) are reliable and responsive to their owner’s commands and suggestions. The Airedale is a good house dog as long as it gets daily mental and physical exercise. Airedales typically emerge as “alpha” or head dogs and, therefore, may not do well when another dog challenges that position, although they usually get along well with smaller and more submissive dogs.