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  • Afghan Hound Teal Trailer Hitch Cover
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Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a hunter at heart, bred to chase game over rugged terrain. While it maintains its regal bearings inside, the Afghan hound needs to stretch its legs in a safe area every day. The Afghan hound needs room to run in a fenced area under supervision. The Afghan’s worst trait is a reluctance to come when called. The Afghan hound will chase small animals outside, but, inside, it will coexist peacefully with other animals. Though gentle with children, it may not be playful and interactive enough with them. Described by some as “catlike,” it is independent yet sensitive and not overly demonstrative. Typically, Afghan hounds are reserved, almost aloof, around strangers; some Afghans can be considered timid. Notably, Afghans can be very destructive when bored. The Afghan hound's independent disposition often makes it appear as though the Afghan does not acknowledge its owners displeasure with his destructive behaviors. The Afghan hound is well suited for families with time and dedication to maintain its luxurious coat, sufficient space to allow it to romp and run full-speed each day and the patience to provide consistent discipline despite the Afghan’s aloof nature.`