Herbal Remedies for Horses

For over 20 years Animal Essentials has been producing reliable, time-tested supplements to naturally enhance the health and happiness of domestic animals.  Their values are founded on a deep love of animals and profound respect of the nature that exists within, and without all of us.  Animal Essentials believes that nothing is more capable of maintaining balanced health than the systems and energies that exist within each and every body, animal and human alike. 

Most pet lovers know that our pets bring joy and many lessons of unconditional love into our homes & lives.  But that is only part of a much larger gift they present to us. Our pets stand between two worlds. that of animal and that of human, and from their positon they offer us a precious opportunity to see beyond the ways of humankind and into the circle of life that sustains us all.

"Since prehistoric times animals have taught us how to heal and maintain our health from the bounties of Nature, and they have been bringing happiness, healing and a living piece of nature into our homes every day for centuries.  it is time to bring the gifts back to them."  -Greg Tilford, Herbalist (Founder of Animal Essentials)

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