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Equaide is the most effective solution for the treatment of cuts, wounds, abrasions and proud flesh for horses available today.  Can also be used on dogs for all of their cuts, wounds & abrasions.


Equaide is the most effective solution for the treatment of cuts, wounds, abrasions and proud flesh for horses available today.

Equaide was first developed for the treatment of excessive granulation tissue, commonly known as Proud Flesh, for the thoroughbred industry.

Equaide not only prevents the formation of granulation tissue, but dissolves even the worst cases of proud flesh without harming healthy tissue.

Eliminating the need for surgery.

Equaide is also very effective in  treating cuts and wounds with miraculous speed while preventing infection and promoting hair growth.  Wire cuts, scrapes, punctures, cracked heels, saddle sores, dew poisoning, rain rot lesions and bites heal quickly and more completely with a reduced chance of scarring.

Equaide has been used by equine veterinarians and thoroughbred trainers and is now available directly to the public.

Safe and effective.  Equaide won't burn, blister, slough or scar, and there are no white hairs.  The Equaide solution is in a water base, not alcohol.

Our unique formulation, which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, was specifically designed to treat excessive granulation tissue.

Equaide promotes a healthy wound bed which accelerates healing for all wounds and is specially balanced so that it does not harm the surrounding healthy tissue.

Equaide was also formulated so that the solution won't run or drip off of wounds and can even be used without bandaging (though bandaging is encouraged).  Equaide also includes a fly repellant, a necessity in the barn environment. 

We are confident that Equaide is the best solution for the treatment of Proud Flesh and wounds available today.  Please look at a few of the cases that our customers have let us share with you; our customers tell the story the best.   We are sure that you will agree that results from Equaide are truly amazing.      

What is Proud Flesh?

Equaide has shown remarkable results in the treatment of horse wounds and equine exuberant granuloma (“proud flesh”).  Typically, wounds on horses are difficult and slow to heal, especially in the limbs below the knee or hock.  Wounds in the body regions heal at a rate of 0.2 mm per day on average, while wounds on the leg only heal at the rate of 0.09 mm per day.  The limb areas are primarily comprised of bone, tendons and ligaments and lack underlying muscle.  The skin is relatively thin and the surface is tense and difficult to effectively suture.  Even after wounds are stitched, they often break open due to the excessive tension and motion.  Wounds in this part of the anatomy tend to produce excessive granulation tissue or what is also known as proud flesh.  This proud flesh is a disfiguring protrusion from the limb of the horse and is accompanied by inflammation and can significantly lower the abilities and aesthetics, as well as the value of the horse.

There are many compositions that have been proposed as wound healing agents which consist mainly of caustic substances to eat away the granulation tissue.  The problem with the caustic substances is that they only destroy cells, and in addition to destroying the exuberant granulation tissue, these substances also destroy healthy cells and may even cause further damage to the wound.  These substances have not been significantly effective in promoting the healing of wounds.  There was a need for improved compositions that are effective in:

  1. Dissolving equine exuberant granuloma (“proud flesh”) when present,
  2. Preventing the creation of proud flesh at the start
  3. Healing both infected and superficial wounds in horses
  4. Guard against bacterial and fungal conditions typical of a stable environment.

          Equaide was developed to meet all these requirements and provides other related advantages as well.

Leg wounds are one of the most common calls a veterinarian receives.  If the wound is severe, suturing is preferred; however depending on the location of the wound, oftentimes the wound can only be cleaned and bandaged.  The most common problems arising from leg wounds are infection and exuberant or excessive granulation tissue, known as "proud flesh".

If a wound gets infected, antibiotics are essential.  Infection will typically be fought with topical solutions as well as internal antibiotics.  In the barn environment especially, daily cleansing with an antibacterial soap and antiseptic dressings are recommended.

Wounds on the legs of a horse, especially near a joint where there is motion, have tissue that is fairly fragile and very tight.  The new tissue continues to rebuild itself causing excessive or exuberant granulation tissue.  This phenomena is also known as proud flesh.  Until recently there hasn't been a known cure for proud flesh.  There are many topical powders and solutions that typically burn off the flesh, but also burn all the surrounding healthy tissue as well, not to mention the pain inflicted on the horse.  There are other home remedies such as creating a paste of sugar and iodine as a cover up, and some suggest using meat tenderizer.  None of these ideas work.  Oftentimes the only solution has been for the veterinarian to cut away or cauterize the excessive tissue and wrap the wound tightly trying to immobilize the wound and hope that the proud flesh doesn't grow back.

All those so-called "treatments" are no longer necessary.  Equaide creates the perfect wound bed and prevents the creation of exuberant granulation tissue.  In fact, if proud flesh is present, Equaide rapidly eliminates it without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.  Equaide has even been effective in eliminating proud flesh from wounds that were years old - WITHOUT SURGERY!

Equaide creates the perfect wound bed and rapidly improves healing time.  Equaide is real medicine with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It is important that you treat any infection first.  Equaide will heal wounds extremely fast, and wounds may abscess if signs of significant infection are not treated ahead of time.

Equaide prevents and dissolves proud flesh and is water-based.  Many products sold for wound care are alcohol-based which only burn and dry out damaged tissue.  It is a very common misconception to rinse out a wound with alcohol or peroxide.  It is actually the worst thing you can do to a wound!  Water is the only thing that should be used to clean a wound.  At times, a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide may be suggested to clean foreign matter that is lodged in the wound.  The bubbling effect of the peroxide is used to work loose any foreign material in the wound which should be immediately rinsed out with water.

Equaide has been specially formulated to stick to the wound, and will not run or drip off.  While bandaging is not necessary, it is recommended since the Equaide could be rubbed off in tall grass or hay.

Equaide is the First and Last Aid you will ever need for the treatment of horse wounds and skin disorders...guaranteed.

Available in 2 oz or 5 oz jar

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